Hospital: Clerical error results in disclosure of patient information

St. Vincent Hospital (file photo)
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Officials at an Indianapolis hospital say a clerical error resulted in about 63,000 letters to patients being mailed to wrong addresses.

In a press release, St.Vincent Breast Center officials said they were "actively supporting and responding to patients" after the letters were mailed to incorrect addresses. The letters disclosed certain protected health information including patient names, addresses, and in some cases, a reference to a scheduled appointment.

None of the letters included social security numbers, financial information, or any other clinical information, and the release said there was "no indication that the patient information will be accessed or used for fraudulent purposes".

"We value the privacy and security of patient information, and regret this mailing error," said Rex McKinney, privacy officer for St.Vincent Indianapolis Hospital.

On May 5, 2014, the St.Vincent Breast Center mailed letters intended for prior patients of the center and Solis Women's Health to inform them that St.Vincent was available to provide care. Also, some letters welcomed patients who had previously scheduled healthcare services. The error was discovered in mid-May, when individuals who had received another person's letter contacted the center.

The hospital is changing its patient mailing process.

Affected individuals may call (877) 216-3862, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays with questions.