Hoosiers stocking up before weekend storm

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Saturday made for a busy day at grocery stores across the state as Hoosiers prepared for the expected winter weather.

The Kroger off of West 71st Street got so busy at one point that the store even ran out of shopping carts.

Rose Thurman was one of those in the crowd of shoppers and was able to find a cart in the parking lot. Her friend Flay Johnson drives the car; Rose drives the cart.

"You know, nobody has really taught me how to drive," Thurman laughed.

Together they make a team, walking the store's aisles where the coming storm is the talk of the store.

"Are you ready for the storm," a Kroger associate asked Thurman as she picked up her prescriptions.

"Well, it's coming! But you know what, how I feel about it is that it's in God's hands and I said I'm glad it's not fire or a tornado," Thurman laughed.

Optimism aside, she's not excited about the winter weather that's now stretching into another month.

"I'm a little surprised about March, but not February, because February and January have always been the coldest months. I love the month of September. It's beautiful," she laughed.

To many, any month that doesn't have snow, ice, and cold would seem like paradise right about now.

"It's the winter that won't end. I'm a summer baby so I love the warm weather and myself personally I am ready for this snow to go away. I'm ready for some warmth," her shopping partner Flay Johnson said.

But until then, it's another weekend of winter.

"If the weather is hindering me from going to church, I'm just going to bundle up on the sofa and enjoy the day and hopefully be able to get out Monday for work," Johnson said.