Hoosiers pay tribute to fallen officer


Indianapolis - Family members are planning a funeral for fallen officer David Moore as a tribute grows across Indianapolis.

Moore's parents say that they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the community. People have stopped at the IMPD North District Police Station since last night to shower his squad car with flowers, cards and stuffed animals. 

"It's just been really upsetting to hear about this officer and just was reading in the paper about the officers across the country that have been killed here lately and it's just really really sad..." said William Giles, a visitor to the memorial. "I had a moment and I wanted to come over and just say a prayer and show some respect and appreciate his service."

Late Thursday afternoon, a group of school children and their teachers bowed heads before the slain policeman's car offering a prayer for a department and city in grief. Parents brought their children to the memorial as well.

"It was really sad, it was just such a tragedy," said Laurie Cobian who visited IMPD's north district with her young daughter.  "We just really need to all come together as a community and the state and just really start praying for our police officers.  It seems like it's been a really bad couple of weeks in the United States for cops everywhere."

Moore's body was taken by police escort to the coroner's office before dawn on Thursday morning and nearly 12 hours later a hearse carrying the 29-year-old IMPD veteran's body was escorted to Crown Hill Cemetary's funeral home. Funeral arrangements have not yet been released but those who want to show support may visit the squad-car memorial at 3120 East 30th Street.