Hoosiers line up for rare Belgian beer

A rare gift set of Westvleteren 12 sold for $85 Wednesday.
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Beer aficionados are scrambling to get their hands on a very rare beer.

A handful of people in Indianapolis say they are happy that they were lucky enough to get a six-pack.

Crown Liquors in downtown Indianapolis was one of the few stores in Indiana - which was among only 22 states - that got a shipment of the Westvleteren 12 gift packs.

Made by monks in Belgium, the beer is considered among the best in the world and is usually only for sale at the monastery where the it is brewed. But the monks needed to raise money to renovate the monastery after a fire and decided, for the first time ever, to export a small amount of the beer.

Workers at Crown Liquors says there were about 50 people lined up before the store opened to buy it and they had sold 60 six-packs in the first two hours they were open Wednesday.

"It's a good day. Normally, you have to fly over to Belgium to experience it and they sell it a case at a time," said Roy Griffin, who bought the last case. "Probably just wait for a special occasion and do a bottle at a time with good friends."

The price for the special six-pack gift set, which includes two beer goblets, was $85. But people who were lucky enough to snag some on Wednesday are selling it for 2-3 times that amount on eBay. One auction already has a bid of $300, with nearly three days left to bid.