Hoosiers head into Sandy's path

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As thousands are evacuated from Sandy's path, dozens of Hoosiers are driving into the storm.

Sunday night, drivers of a dozen emergency vehicles from Delaware County will be in a much different place. "I like helping people and saving lives," said Wayne Loudy of the Delaware County Medical Task Force as his reason for heading into the path of Sandy.

Loudy and his traveling companions stopped in Indianapolis to load their trucks with food, water and medical supplies. Once loaded, they will drive 14 hours right into the heart of the storm.

For Loudy and most of the others, this is their first trip in what could be hell on earth. Are they nervous? "No, this is where our training takes over," said Loudy. "We are a pretty good group."

Loudy said every minute of that training will be tested from the minute they get their assignment until they come back home. The National Weather Service is predicting Sandy will collide with two other weather systems, giving this storm the potential to become a superstorm.

When you hear the Governor of New Jersey and the Mayor New York asking for help, Loudy and 17 Hoosiers with him are the ones answering the call. "I have been in EMS for eight years. I tell my wife every day 'it is not a job.'" said Loudy.

Loudy and the others are leaving their loved ones behind for the better part of a week. They will be working long hours in a strange land, helping people they have never met and will most likely never see again. Why? "We enjoy helping people," Loudy answered. "This is what we do."

The Delaware County Medical Task Force is expected to be in New Jersey the better part of the week.