Hoosiers examine stock options as Wall Street continues climb

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Stocks closed up again on Wall Street and investors in Indiana are trying to decide what to do with their money.

With the stock market flirting with 14,000, investors may have some decisions ahead of them. Brothers Mark and Brian Hays are among them.

Mark, 58, and younger brother Brian, 56, have noticed the markets and are exploring their options.

"Where I am usually an aggressive investor on funds like this. I am probably going to be a moderate investor, being I am 58," Mark said.

"I know the beating I have taken in years gone by. It's a scary situation," Brian added.

L.H. Bayley from investment company David A. Noyes in Indianapolis says there is another important thing to consider.

"With life expectancy being what it is for both genders, one should still consider growth in his investments," Bayley said.

Toni Clark, who is celebrating a birthday Friday, tries not to worry about the volatility of the markets.

"I feel I have 20 more good years, hopefully, so I am not too worried about it," Clark said.

"In the 40s, someone can look to 80 percent allocation to growth and 20 percent to fixed income," Bayley said.

At age 31, Mike Bischof is electing to go with what he knows. He knows he can get a great meal at Shapiro's and he believes his money is better invested in real estate.

"I am focused more on real estate investment, because I feel I have a better understanding of the real estate market in Indianapolis. I have a little more control about where I put my money and know where it is going and what I will get out of it," he said.

"Real estate has a longer hold period to take advantage of down cycles and up cycles, but again, it is a good part of anyone's diversification," Bayley said.

This certainly does not mean the economy is back, but it does mean it is showing signs of life and that has Hoosiers considering their options.

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