Hoosiers add snow preps to holiday to-do lists

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The clock is ticking. You have a lot on your plate with shopping and the holidays. But Christmas night, a significant winter storm could hit Indiana.

The timing could not be worse for those with all of the usual distractions this time of year - finishing up your holiday shopping, the Colts heading back to the playoffs, and pile of the mundane everyday tasks. 

Now, the predicted significant snowfall adds something else to your list, bearing down to hit late Tuesday night. The forecast caught several southside shoppers by surprise Sunday. "I have been shopping," said one. "I have not been watching the news." "I had no idea," said another. 

And for others, the timing could not be better.  As you might expect, the Christmas wrapping paper aisle in most stores is almost empty.

Same with the snow shovel and salt ice-melter aisles.

Last year, snow shovels and ice melter were easy to find.

This year, most stores are well-stocked now, but you might add one more thing - snow preparations - to your Christmas Eve to-do list.

The incoming snowy weather should not affect Christmas Eve shopping. Still, plenty of people were out early, taking advantage of extended hours at stores such as Macy's and Toys R Us. 

According to the National Retail Federation, by mid-December, less than 25-percent of people were done with their shopping.  So you can assume a good amount of people are still working on their lists.

A lot of stores are offering BIG discounts for last minute shoppers - 40 to 50 percent off merchandise.  But while you might find a great price point, you might not find the sizes and selection this late in the game.

Most malls are open from 7 am - 6 pm today.

Macy's will close at 6 pm but Toys R Us will stay open until 10 pm Christmas Eve.