Hoosier signees powering Indiana All-Star team

Yogi Ferrell (center) and Jeremy Hollowell (left) are headed for IU in the fall.

Indiana University didn't wait for the movement to come out of the basketball shadows, though three of the Indiana All-Stars joyfully watched the Hoosiers make a move of their own last season.

Indiana All-Stars Yogi Ferrell, Jeremy Hollowell, and Ron Patterson were a part of the recruiting class that was supposed to help restore Indiana basketball. Instead, they join a squad that could be the preseason #1 team in the country.

"Their competitive edge, how they wanted to win," said Ferrell about the 2011-2012 Hoosiers. "I feel like myself and the other guys can do the same thing, for them to get rocking now. With us five guys going in next year, we could be even better and hopefully go even farther than the Sweet Sixteen."

"It was real fun. Knowing they're down there working hard doing what they've got to do. Knowing it's our time to go down there and jump on board. They had a real great season last year. We're just looking to build on that with the team we have this year," Hollowell said.

The all-star IU trio moves to campus next Wednesday, June 13. They are thankful to have this week's worth of all-star practice under their belt. Those practices have been intense, but will be nothing like the battles that will happen in Bloomington.

"Got to go out every day like it's your last. It's a whole 'nother level (at IU practices)," said Hollowell.

"Us going down there, I can tell the practices will be very intense," said Ferrell. "We're not going to be lack of depth, you know, when coach (Tom Crean) goes to the bench. We're going to be a really good team."

Patterson says the practice and bonding time this week has been very valuable.

"We're not coming as teammates, we are coming as a family. Next year we're going to be even better," he said.

"Great bonding, real good friendship, it's just going to continue to build and help us in the long run" said Hollowell.

These freshman may not all know what they're majoring in, but on the court, they plan to bring a fresh background in chemistry.