Hoosier mom honored as cover model for women’s running magazine

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Lindsey Hein is a mom, a runner, a Hoosier and now a cover model. Hein will be on the cover of "Women's Running" magazine in September, after recently returning from her photo shoot in San Diego.

Hein has run 13 marathons in her 30 years. She isn't shy to admit that the road is long.

"When you run a marathon you always get to a point where you're thinking, 'Why do I do this to myself? This hurts really bad,' And then you finish and you're thinking, 'That was the best thing I've ever done'," Hein explained.

Life has also become a marathon for Lindsey. The good parts, like jogging with her 2-year-old son Marshall, push her through when the road turns.

"I was scared. I just didn't want to know, and the fear was kind of eating inside of me," Hein said.

Hein has a strong family history of breast cancer. Last summer, she decided to get tested for a genetic mutation linked to the disease. A positive result means her lifetime risk of breast and ovarian cancer is far higher than most other women.

"It is scary, and you have every right to be scared, but the moment you know something and the moment you're educated on what's going on, that's when you can do something about it," Hein said.

A few months later, Lindsey made another tough call: she had a double mastectomy and was out of training for weeks. Getting back on track didn't take long.

"It gives me a sense of freedom, and it gives me peace. Anytime I'm stressed out, or tired, or fearful, I know that going for a run is going to help me feel better," Hein said.

Her story is so inspiring that women across the country voted to make Lindsey the cover model for "Women's Running" Magazine.

"My story is really conquering my fears. Everybody has their own story, but for me that's my story. So I hope that they can take it, and run with it, and apply it to their lives whatever they might be going through."

The September issue of "Women's Running" with Hein on the cover comes out in late August. There were nine finalists including another Hoosier, a third year IU medical student who just ran her first half-marathon.

Hein and her husband are also running coaches and write a blog called "Out For A Run."