Hoosier fans excited to be back on top

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Fans had high expectations for this powerhouse match-up and started the game strong and finished even stronger.  

Perhaps it was the fact that ESPN's College Gameday was in town or maybe that the third ranked Hoosiers were playing number one ranked Michigan or maybe they are just loyal fans here to support the home team.  But, it was all enough to draw warm crowds and a long line of fans well before tip-off. 

Once the game started, time seemed to fly by and fans knew early on this was going to be a special night. 

For senior, Ben Kessler, this was a great wrap to an already exciting college career.  

"This is my last year here.  Last year I was here for Kentucky, but this year, we're expected to win and I'm loving it.  It's a great way to cap off the year," said Kessler.

For longtime fans, this was a night that doesn't compare to any other.  

"This is one of the best because we're number 1, number 3 and now we're number 1 again. It's been a great time," said Scott Kirk. 

"The Kentucky game was great, but we've been waiting to see if they can be number 1 and now it's pretty clear they can, so this is great," said Pete Yonkman. 

For everyone else, undeniable, uncontrollable joy. 

"It is awesome, I'm a big Hoosier fan and I love Indiana basketball and I'm happy we're back to being number 1," said Blasé Viti.