Home owners urged to use caution when renting for Super Bowl

Rocco Mediate rented a home for the Dallas Super Bowl and loved it.

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis Super Bowl is six months away. If last year's big game is any indication, hundreds of local homeowners could make thousands of dollars by renting their homes.

"A lot of people don't want to go into hotel rooms. They want the extra security, the extra privacy. The hominess the coziness of an actual house," said Shawn Willbrant with SBrentals.com, billed as the number one shows and Super Bowl rentals site in the world.

If your home is close to Lucas Oil Stadium, you might be able to make money during the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis. SBRentals markets rental homes in the host city. The man who runs the company says it worked at the last Super Bowl.

"We had roughly 450 homes in Dallas. Out of those 450 we had almost 300 get rented," said Willbrant. "The only thing we do is we market. We provide a quality website for you."

Rocco Mediate rented a home for the Dallas Super Bowl and loved it. Since he lives within a short pass of Lucas Oil Stadium, Mediate decided to post pictures of his home hoping to rent it for the 2012 game.

"You can see the stadium from here so this is a pretty good location," said Mediate. "It's two bedroom, two bath and clean. It's just me, so I keep it pretty clean."

Mediate hopes someone will rent his house for $3,000 per night.

"A two-bedroom home in a comfortable part of Indianapolis, say, within 20 miles away can average $2,000 to $3,000 a night," said Willbrant. "We have a customer in the Meridian Hills section of Indianapolis. He, realistically, very well could get $15,000 a day for his property."

Before you get dollar signs in your eyes, it's important to know there is no guarantee. These businesses only market your home. It can cost you $700 to $1,500 just to get listed.

The Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee urges caution.

"If someone is asking you for several hundred dollars to list your house on a website, we would say be wary of that, because there's no historical data that people rent homes around Super Bowls," said Mel Raines, the VP of Event Operations for the 2012 Super Bowl. Indianapolis has 20,000 rooms ready at 140 hotels.

Eyewitness News spotted a sign on Ohio and West Street on Thursday, offering to rent homes during the Super Bowl for up to $10,000 per day. I called and asked how much money I could make for renting a four-bedroom, three-bath home, 15 miles from Lucas Oil Stadium. The person who answered the call said the average daily rate ranges between $4,500-$6,500.

The company, Major Event Rentalz, told me they do not charge a commission. They provide a sample renter agreement and say renters are required to pay the equivalent of one night as a security deposit. I was told a professional photographer would come to the house and create a virtual tour for potential renters to view. That fee is $595.

"You can have the best HD production, you can have the best listing, but if no one ever sees that, then you're not going to obtain a rental," said Willbrant.

If you like the idea of renting your home during the Super Bowl, do your research on the marketing company and the people wanting to move in before deciding if is worth risking your home and your money.