Home of Indiana veteran damaged by tornado one day after closing

Damage to the side of Tyrone Fisher and Emily Jarboe's home. The couple closed on the Bent Wood home one day before the tornado.
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Debris remains and the clean-up continues this holiday weekend in the Bent Wood subdivision nearly two weeks after a powerful EF1 tornado blew through the area.Emily Jarboe and Tyrone Fisher closed on their home one day before the storm.

The move has been weeks in the making.

"I closed on Monday," Fisher said.

One day later on Tuesday June 24th came a major step back.

"The tornado basically came right through these two houses from that direction and ripped up my siding," Fisher said.

As the bent and mangled siding flaps in the breeze, the couple continues cleaning up tiny pieces of insulation off the back of their house.

"It is beyond stressful. I would probably say it's been more stressful than purchasing the home," Fisher said.

Tyrone is in the Air Force, working out of Terre Haute.

As soon as he returned to Indianapolis hours after the storm, the two drove to see if their new home had been hit.

"My heart was racing the whole way here. Pulling into the neighborhood was unlike anything I've ever seen before," Jarboe said.

But out of the tragedy, there's triumph.

"What I loved most was the sense of community. We were new to the neighborhood and that day we met all of our neighbors," Jarboe said.

A blue tarp covers several holes in the roof; blue is a color they had hoped to possibly see inside.

"I was devastated. A lot of pregnancy hormones kicked in and I was just really upset," Jarboe said.

She's four months pregnant. They bought the house for their growing family, a child that's expected in January. They are waiting to see if it will be a boy or a girl.

"We were so excited about this step to our new life that we were going to have together and then this happened so we're trying to get through," she said.

With a high insurance deductible, they regret buying new furniture the same day they closed on the home.

An insurance agent is expected to come out this weekend to look at the damage.

"I can't wait to be done and relax," Jarboe said.

After learning their home didn't have any structural damage, the two started to move in on July 4th, with new living room and bedroom furniture arriving that afternoon.

While their home is livable, they hope the siding and several holes in the roof will soon be taken care of before the next storm hits.