Home invasion suspects in court

Trae Spells
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Three men accused of terrorizing a family in their home appeared in court Monday afternoon, but court documents indicate there could be an additional three suspects who participated in the crime.

Police say the men broke into a home on East 79th Street last week and sexually assaulted a mother and daughter. The mother was also shot in the leg. The two are accused of stealing the family's vehicles and forcing one of their victims to withdraw $800 from an ATM. They're also accused of sexually assaulting the women multiple times.

Trae Spells, 18, Alexander Dupree, 23 and Demetre Brown, 21, are in custody. They appeared in court to hear charges at the City-County Building. 

Michael Pugh, 21, has been preliminary charged with Serious Violent Felon in Possession of a Firearm, which is a class B felony and is being held on $80,000 bond. He was arrested at the same time as Dupree.

"More than three people were involved in this crime and police are still investigating that and they will not stop until we done," said Deputy Prosecutor Eric Schmadeke.

Detectives with IMPD say they found the Dupree's fingerprints on the bathroom mirror.

WTHR's cameras were rolling as a Marion County deputy escorted Trae Spells this morning to a holding cell. He is being kept separately from his co-defendants Alexander Dupree and Demetre Brown. Brown was arrested over the weekend.

Spells is due in court again Tuesday after prosecutors requested a 72-hour delay. Bond was set at $200,000 and Spells was ordered not to have any contact with the victims.

Spells told police he and five others went inside the home. He proceeded to describe the home in detail, and the robbery scene.

Police believe the three are part of violent home invasion where they ransacked the home, forced a mother to the ATM, shooting her in the leg, and sexually assaulted her along with her daughter.

The father in the home said in court documents "lights to the bedroom suddenly came on and he observed two males wielding guns, screaming, 'Nobody gets hurt, cooperate!'"

The father, mother and daughter say about six men ransacked their home, forced them to an ATM twice and even sexually assaulted them.

At one point during the home invasion, the mother told police she was shot in the hallway in the hip area.

The victims say the men stayed in the house, terrorizing them for several hours.

When the mother escaped, court documents say "she remembered being tackled by the males and when returned to the kitchen, one of them shot her in the foot, saying 'Don't do that again!'"

"When a family is violated like this, the prosecutors will take action the law allows to make sure it doesn't happen again," Schmadeke said.

Investigators have also linked the men to a previous home invasion on Spring Mill Road where they tied up a family. In both cases the suspects stole the family cars.

The investigation is far from over. Not only are detectives looking for another suspect who took part in the home invasion, but they are also looking to see if the same men are responsible for some unsolved home invasions with similar patterns.