Home invasion suspect apologizes for crime; 2 more arrested

Ira Marsh

Indianapolis Metro Police have made two more arrests in the October 24th home invasion on Spring Mill Road.

Detectives working on the home invasion cases tracked some of the victim's stolen property to three pawn shops. Detectives say 28-year-old Ira Marsh and three other people sold stolen property at the pawn shops shortly after the home invasion on Spring Mill Road.

Police continue to round up suspects in this case. Among the people facing charges is Taiwan Lundy, who went to court Tuesday morning.

Lundy surrendered after police named him as a suspect in the Spring Mill Rd. break-in. He led police on an hours-long manhunt last Friday that resulted in school lockdowns. It's believed Lundy injured himself when he jumped from a third-story window and landed on a vehicle below, breaking the car's back window and denting the roof.

"I wish it never happened," Lundy told Eyewitness News Tuesday. "I am really, really sorry and wished it never happened. I want you to forgive me, because I know I can do better and I know this is not me. This is the first time I got into trouble like this and I feel I deserve a second chance."

During the October 24th home invasion, several people tied up the family, ransacked the home and made off with jewelry, laptops, a camera and an iPod. Detectives say they took those items from the house on 70th and Spring Mill and went from pawn shop to pawn shop selling the items. The suspects also stole the family's two vehicles - a Jeep recovered by police and a compact car left at the end of the driveway because the suspects could not operate a manual transmission.

Right now Ira Marsh, 28, is waiting to find out when he will make his first court appearance for robbery, theft and receiving stolen property. Jade Lundy, 24, is also in jail for receiving stolen property in the case. Police have not ruled out more arrests in the case.

Police are also looking into similarities between the Spring Mill Rd. case and another home invasion in the 800 block of East 79th street several days later. The E. 79th St. victims say their attackers forced their way in with guns, ransacked the house, stole their personal belongings including electronics, forced two family members to the ATM, stole four vehicles from the home, and sexually assaulted a mother and daughter.

Lundy said that his "role" in the home invasion was to collect all of the home electronics and load them into the car.

"I didn't mean for it to take place how it did. I had no clue. It just happened." Said Lundy. "I just want to apologize for what I did. I hope I get another chance. I am really not that type of person. I don't even believe it's happening."

Lundy insisted that they were only going to steal the property.

During our interview, Lundy refused to talk about what roles the other suspects played in the violent home invasion.

"I just want to talk about me and not speak for anyone else," he said.

Early on, IMPD Chief of Police Rick Hite promised that anyone and everyone involved in the home invasion would be brought to justice.

"If you broke into these homes or if you helped any of these criminals we will arrest you. You might as well go ahead and turn yourself in," said Hite.

The investigation is ongoing as detectives continue to follow leads in both break-ins. They are also looking at several unsolved burglaries for connections as well.