High-tech science center opens at Beech Grove H.S.

New classrooms are part of a multi-million dollar project in Beech Grove.
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One of the biggest additions to Beech Grove High School in fifty years promises not just to pique the interest of students this year, but guide them to careers that promise a lifetime of opportunity.

It's a noisy place outside Beech Grove High School lately, as construction crews speed along on the newest addition, the new Beech Grove Science Academy.

"A brand new advanced biology lab, advanced chemistry, and our advanced earth science and combination physics and chemistry," said Beech Grove Superintendent Paul Kaiser.

When it is completed, there will be three classrooms here, 5,600 square feet at a cost of $2 million. It's scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

"Well, we're competing for students. The state of affairs in Indiana is kids can go to any school they want to and Beech Grove has had a longstanding tradition of excellence," Kaiser said.

This is the new Beech Grove Science Academy.

"So this is a KUNO tablet. It's an Android-based tablet. They'll do some work and they'll submit it online and then I will grade it online. This will make my classroom paperless," said Agricultural Science teacher Chris Kaufman

Renovated agricultural science laboratories and classroom space has energized students here.

"I like it. It's real new, the desks are a lot sturdier than they were before," said senior Skyler Webb. 

"This room used to be really stuffy and crowded, it looks like it's a lot more open for learning now," said senior Jackson Davis.

Kaiser says the vision for improvements on the high school campus is clear.

"We've gotta prepare kids for careers that have not yet been invented yet. So we have to give them the technology skills, we have to give them the people skills, so that they can compete in this competitive market," Kaiser said.

School leaders say this is just the beginning, with plans in the works for a business academy and humanities academy that will allow students to specialize in even more career areas.