High dive performer injured in State Fair accident

A photo of the Sinbad High Dive Show divers from their website.
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A performer was injured in an accident at the Indiana State Fair Tuesday afternoon.

Fair spokesman Andy Klotz tells Eyewitness News a male performer with the Sinbad High Dive Show fell during a show around 4:30 p.m. 

The performer has only been identified as "Bobbie." His age and medical condition is not known, but his boss said Bobbie will undergo surgery to repair one of his eye sockets.

Performers in the show dive from as high as 80 feet into a nine-and-a-half-foot pool. Fair goers say Bobbie had just climbed two levels, did a handstand and that's when he fell.

"Like on this side, he fell to the ground," said witness Mike Auciello. "Instantly quiet throughout the crowd and then everybody started backing up to give him room, because all of the performers jumped down over here to help him out."

Nannette Hammel and her twin sister first thought the mishap was part of the act, but then realized Bobbie was in trouble.

"He looked like he did a handstand and kind of lost it and turned around to grab the pole, lost his grip and kind of flip-flopped down. I thought he might hit the pool," she said.

"The diver was told to stay down on the ground so he could be tended to and they put him on the board and took him off to the hospital," Klotz said.

The high dive team is making its first appearance at the Indiana State Fair and the company's owner tells Eyewitness News it's not their last, even with one of their performers recovering in the hospital.

"Holding onto that wire probably saved him a lot," Auciello said.

The afternoon performance was the last show of the day for the Sinbad group. They are scheduled to perform again starting at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

The owner of the show says Bobbie hopes to return to the fair to cheer for his fellow performers.