Hibbert's Gatorade break turns into viral challenge


An Indiana Pacer's hydration break is quickly turning into a viral phenomenon.

Television cameras focused on Pacers center Roy Hibbert as he sat on the bench during the third quarter of Indiana's Game 7 loss at Miami Monday night. No different than numerous other cutaway shots during the game, until Hibbert started to take a drink from a Gatorade bottle.

WATCH: Roy Hibbert quickly drinks Gatorade

A viewer marveled at how quickly Hibbert finished the 20-ounce bottle and recorded it using the Vine app. The entire bottle was gone in one Vine clip, which is a maximum of six seconds. (Using not-so-scientific methods, Eyewitness News timed the chug at 5.4 seconds.)

The USA Today blog "For The Win" picked up on the clip and had staffers try the challenge themselves Tuesday morning. By mid-day, Twitter picked up on the challenge - to drink a 20-ounce bottle of Gatorade in under six seconds - using the hashtag #RoyHibbertChallenge. Hibbert himself later joined the action, challenging at least two people on Twitter to try the challenge.