Heroin in America

Heroin in America
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All week, NBC's Kate Snow has been reporting on the heroin epidemic in the United States. It affects Americans of all social classes, and it leaves devastation in its wake.

NBC reports that heroin abuse has nearly doubled in the USA over the last five years. Attorney General Eric Holder has referred to heroin use as an "urgent public health crisis," pointing to the statistic of heroin overdose deaths increasing by 45 percent between 2006 and 2010.

Why the increase? Some experts say it's partly economics. As law enforcement cracked down on prescription drug abuse, pain pills became harder to come by - driving up price. Heroin is a cheaper high - but one that comes with a very high price in other ways.

Indiana families have felt the impact of heroin firsthand, too. In 2012, Anne Marie Tiernon profiled heroin addicts or their families, and returned again in 2013.

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