Henryville tornado survivor reunited with family

Victoria and her friend, Teanna Huckleberry, took pictures of the debris-ridden high school to send in.

Eyewitness News wanted to share an update on a young woman we met Friday night in Henryville. She was searching for survivors that night, tearfully hopeful to find her family members who were there during the storm.

Just after the tornados hit Henryville, we met Victoria Boughton.

At the time, we didn't even know her name - just that she had seen the storm blow through and could not find her family.

"There was rain, harsh winds and everything," Victoria said Friday. "I gotta go find my mom! [You're looking for your mom?] My mom, my sister, my brother, my nephew my dad."

That night, the 18-year-old girl was shaking and covered in mud, desperate to find her family.

Reflecting on that experience days later, Victoria said seeing the devastation, she feared the worst.

"I got on Facebook. They said it was leveled, that everyone had passed. I was scared and didn't know really what happened and I don't know what I'd do without my mom and dad," she said.

Victoria made quite an impression and we wondered: Was she ok? What about her house? Her family?

Turns out, thankfully, they all survived.

 "Yes, everybody was okay," Victoria said.

Their home on Main Street is damaged, but still standing, after shielding relatives from the storm that night.

"My nephew, my mom put him in the tub and by the time she got the baby mattress to put over him. The tree had fallen on the house," she explained.

Now, Victoria and her friends are looking for hope, in the way young people find it.

They're making a video for a contest to bring the band Lady Antebellum to Henryville, to perform for senior prom.

The video is supposed to show why their school, their students, deserve it.

Victoria and her friend, Teanna Huckleberry, took pictures of the debris-ridden high school to send in.

"They need something to smile about and be cheerful about and it'd be good for prom," Victoria said.

"I already have two of my prom dresses picked out," Huckleberry said. "All the kids here, everyone needs some relief."

Including Victoria, no longer scared of the storm, but still searching for something positive.