Henryville survivors mark storm's anniversary


It was one year ago Saturday that sirens sounded across Henryville warning of tornadoes. That deadly storm wiped out many homes and some lives. Eyewitness News Reporter Carrie Cline spent the day in Henryville as the town marked the anniversary. 

The signs are still everywhere of those deadly tornadoes one year ago today. But, this was a day not so much reflect on the past, but celebrate the future. 

The Troncin Family has a lot to celebrate. 

"It's just so beautiful. Beautiful," said Christina Troncin. 

As Christina and her family celebrate with the rest of Henryville along this parade route, she can't help but reflect on a deeper meaning of March the 2nd. 

"It's a day to realize we could have died a year ago," said Christina

Christina and her two teenage daughters hid in the basement of what used to be their home holding on to each other for dear life. They survived and so did so many others.  This newly designed Henryville flag is a representation of that of renewal and rebirth. 

"We're not going to be beaten down, still here," said Jerry Guthrie, a Henryville resident. 

"Just so thankful for all the volunteers that came to area, " said Christina. 

"A lot of good things about Hoosiers-way they came together with neighbors they never met us really the best of us," said Governor Mike Pence. 

Henryville wrapped up Saturday's celebration with a commemoration of the new schools.