Henryville students trying to win concert for prom

Henryville students are shooting several videos to enter in the contest.

Without a school to call home, students at Henryville High School are still looking forward to prom.

A little more than a week after their school was destroyed by a tornado, a group of high school students got together to lure popular country music group Lady Antebellum to play at their dance.

"How many of you would like 'Own The Night' to be the theme of your prom and have us perform at it?" the group asked in a YouTube video.

It's a nationwide contest and the students at Henryville High School are coming together to craft their story, share their situation and shoot the final scene of their entry.

The high school sustained heavy damage after the EF4 tornado tore through on March 2. Students safely evacuated, a few took shelter at school and they are survivors who want spring traditions to continue.

"We really want to get her for our prom. You know, we need something to lift our spirits," said junior Morgan Guthrie.

Junior Ty Griffin is heading up the project. It was easy to recruit the cast.

"I am a huge Lady A fan. I love them!" said senior Erin Hairston. "So for them to come to my prom, that would be absolutely extraordinary, with all the damage and everything that's happened to our school, we need something like this to help bring our spirits up."

"It would mean a lot to a lot of people. We're a small community and it would just mean a lot to have a celebrity here," Guthrie said.

The high school is integral to the small community of Henryville, which Griffin believes may help put their entry over the top.

"The final shot is just the huge community gathering, because the concert wants to show how the community works together," Griffin said.

Several Henryville students are working on entries to the Lady Antebellum contest. The entries need to be submitted by Friday (March 16) and the band will announce the winner on March 20.

Even if Henryville gets picked to host the concert, it's not clear when the school will have its prom.