Henryville students face uncertain future after storms

Henryville High School was destroyed by the school.
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Students in storm-ravaged southern Indiana do not yet know where their education will continue.

"I can't explain to you the feeling you get when you see the place that you've grown up and that you've lived in your entire life gone. I can't explain that feeling," said Henryville High School student Erin Hairston.

Friday's tornado destroyed the junior-senior high school in Henryville, along with other classroom buildings in the town. School buses were also tossed across the area in the EF-4 tornadoes that devastated the Clark County town.

School officials are working with State Superintendent Dr. Tony Bennett to make arrangements for the students to continue their schooling.

"I've gone to Henryville since kindergarten and it's kind of emotional to think about. I don't get to graduate in my school and I might have go to school in trailers out in places that I'm not used to and it's really devastating to know that I don't get to graduate from a place that I've been since kindergarten," Hairston said.