Henryville science teachers grateful for Lilly equipment donation

Henryville science teachers were pleased to get the equipment for their classrooms.
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Henryville's junior and senior high school students are going to school in temporary classrooms in Scottsburg after a tornado heavily damaged their schools in March.

Students sit in chairs with clipboards on their laps and make do. But after Wednesday, their classroom equipment is going high tech after Lilly invited their teachers to cash in on corporate surplus.

"This is like being in a candy store and deciding which is your favorite candy," said Karen Albert.

Albert can make decisions here based on true preference and not price.

Everything inside 40 pallets of office and laboratory surplus at this south side Lilly Warehouse is free game for Albert and her two peers.

"They are welcome to take whatever they need or could use in their classroom," said Wayne Poole, Lilly Asset Recovery Department.

Lilly extended the offer to the science teachers in Henryville.

Karen Albert and Leah Seng spent nearly an hour digging through the inventory valued at $40,000. They found flasks, beakers, test tubes, scales and other equipment that will be useful in their labs.

"You had to walk around with your mouth agape," said Seng. "It's like,'oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!'"

"Glassware is something you will use quite a bit, but it is expensive to buy so we will use those a lot," said Albert.

While they are replacing some of the glass that was broken, they are also picking up technology that they didn't have before - and couldn't have afforded. Now they will have to write a whole new curriculum.

"That is okay! We are happy about that," said Seng.

Leah Seng may now add a new project on DNA now that she's picked up a new device which helps you measure small quantities of liquid.

"They have given us stuff that we didn't even have and I mean, really, if you asked us, these are things we would never have been able to get," said Seng.

They scooped up basics like boxes of gloves for the traditional seventh grade frog dissection which start in two weeks "which is kind of like the fireworks at the end of the year," Albert said.

"The kids are just chomping at the bit," she added.

They won't have to wait on logistics. Lilly is providing free shipping too.

"Thank you so much. I don't even know how to say thank you enough," Albert told the Lilly organizers.

If you are an Indiana teacher and would like to be invited to future Teacher Days at the Lilly Surplus warehouse, email your request here.