Henryville ready to dedicate new Habitat homes

Henryville residents will move into their new homes in time for Christmas.
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Nine months after a tornado hit the small southern Indiana town of Henryville, there are signs of progress and, believe it or not, opportunities to be thankful.

The signs from the March 2 tornado are still clearly visible. The school is open once again and the school bus that intruded on the building across the street is gone, but the café that now operates there, Budroe's Bus Stop, is capitalizing on it.

"The kitchen, brand new appliances here. I like the hardwood floor," said Anthony Nasby.

Nasby can't wait until Saturday. That is when he will be able to start moving in his family of six into his new Habitat for Humanity home.

"Haven't got the carpet in yet, but this will be my little girl's room here," Nasby showed Eyewitness News Tuesday.

The Nasby home is one of ten three or four bedroom, 1,100 square foot homes that will be dedicated this weekend.

"It is not necessarily a short-term fix for a problem. This is a permanent solution. Something that will last many years and generations," said Roger Powell, Habitat for Humanity project manager.

All the homeowners had to put in 200 hours helping to construct the home. For that, they receive a zero-interest loan on a $70,000-75,000 home.

"The house payments on these will be less than $500, so you will be in a brand new home for less than $500 a month. It's a great deal," said Gina Leckron, Habitat for Humanity.

"After three months of doing everything and building it with all the people, especially with help that came down from Elkhart, Indiana, they were the main builders who built the home for us," said Nasby.

Along with crews from South Bend, Lafayette, Fort Wayne and from as far away as Detroit and Des Moines, the goal was to get them done before Christmas.

"We felt it was very important to end the year on a better note," said Leckron.

"Hadn't seemed like Christmas at all and then when we sign the papers Thursday to move in, it will finally seem like Christmas then and I think all the homeowners will feel the same way," Nasby said.

So they can stop driving by the home this weekend and they will be able to take the sign in the window down to put up a Christmas tree.

The home dedication ceremony takes place this Saturday at 1 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Henryville.