Henryville mom gets fitted for new leg

Stephanie Decker has been making great progress.

The Henryville mother who lost her own legs protecting her children in the deadly tornadoes in southern Indiana last month is getting stronger every day.

Stephanie Decker is now being fitted for a new leg.

Decker was critically hurt in the March 2nd tornadoes when debris rained down on her as she lay on top of her two children. The children were not hurt.

Decker had both of her legs partially amputated. Now doctors are working on the casting for a prosthetic leg and Decker says she can't wait to start walking again.

"I don't like being confined. I want to be able to go out. I don't sit still very long. Staying inside the house and sitting in a wheelchair is a very good test of my sanity," said Decker, smiling.

Decker will also be tossing out the first pitch Tuesday night at the University of Kentucky vs. University of Indianapolis baseball game in Louisville.