Hendricks County resident thankful for "easy" snow

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While the snow was lighter to the northern part of central Indiana, cities and towns still spent the day fighting managing the snowfall.

Plainfield got about three inches of snow overnight. The secondary roads are good and the main roads were really clear, making for a picturesque snowfall people could really enjoy.

Plow trucks ran early and continuously in Hendricks County, stopping only for refills. The county started at 3 a.m. with more than 25 trucks on an 18-hour shift to clear 775 miles of snow.

It was an effort Ron Smith is grateful for.

"The nice thing about it is Hendricks County already has the roads cleared out here. They do an excellent job on it," he said.

Smith has already shoveled his own driveway and is finishing up his neighbor's, who just had surgery. He says in the grand scheme of snows, this first snow of the season has turned out to be a pretty easy one.

"It's very light, a little ice underneath and it's actually not heavy at all. The wet snow is a lot worse, but this is no problem. Plus, there's no wind. That makes it a lot easier," he said.

Because of the light snow, schools in the county got in a full day and some businesses got a bonus.

For some businesses, a snow day means a slow day. But not when you're in the hardware business. Then, a good dumping of white flakes means a whole lot of green

The Hardware Store was the place to be in Plainfield the last 24 hours.

"Last night, we were just cram-packed. Everyone was coming in buying salt and shovels, preparing for the big snow," said Tom Hood.

But ice melt wasn't the only thing disappearing.

"Last night, a gentleman came in and said he was through pushing snow and he wanted something that would shovel snow for him," said Hood.

And just like that, a $400 snow blower sold!

But, some of the hottest items are the ones people can never get enough of - shovels and ice scrapers.

"Everyone has them all winter long and then in the summer, they do something with them and need them again in the wintertime," said Hood.

"Look at my snowman," exclaimed Ginnie Howell.

For Howell, the best part of the snow for her has very little to do with making money.

"I just walked past the door and saw little pile of snow and thought that would be a great place for a snowman," said Ginnie. "I was going, 'What can I use, what can I use?' Screen spline, hay, snowman."

Proving you're never too old to build a snowman, they just may get a little smaller as you age.

"My hands got cold and I was, like, 'Man, we're done'," said Howell.