Hendricks County horses targeted for hair

A mini horse named Addie is much more than a pet to Kyliegh Parrish.
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A mini horse named Addie is much more than a pet to Kyliegh Parrish.  She's her friend.

"She is a sweetheart. Very gentle. Very good with kids," said Kyliegh, who is 15 years old

For the past three years, she's brushed and fed her four-legged friend.  She's her pride and joy. "I just love everything about her," she said.

A grand champion show horse, she and other horses were brought into the family for one primary purpose. 

"Kyliegh has Mitochondrial disease [a muscle disorder]," explained her mother Jackie. "That's what gets her up in the morning. She comes out to feed, brush them. It allows her to do some activities in 4H with them, it's her pick-me-up."

Everything was fine until last week.

"I would want to know why they did it. And what they were thinking why they were doing it," said Kyliegh.

She's referring to the fact that someone came and cut Addie's mane and also trimmed off much of her tail hair.  Pictures taken before show a full mane and flowing tail.  Now the mane is jagged and the tail barely there. They targeted a full-size horse as well.

"I do feel very violated that someone messed with my babies," said Kyliegh.

"It's heartbreaking also for Kyliegh because she needs this activity to get up every day, to feel important, to have things to do...it's very heartbreaking," her mother said. 

Horse hair is used to make bracelets, key chains and even extensions for show horses.

It could take up to two years for the mane and tail hair to grow back. Since show horses are judged based on appearance, it's likely Addie, a former grand champion, won't score very high this year.

So whoever did this stole, not only some hair, they also stole a girl's heart.