Helping your trees and shrubs recover from this winter

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All the rain this week should have landscaping flourishing, but many in central Indiana are finding that's not the case.  The harsh winter and a cold start to spring is delaying the rejuvenation of plants, shrubs and trees. 

All that salt used to melt the ice and snow also having an impact.  Some plants remain dormant while others are stressed.

There is hope to getting the bloom back on the rose.

"At this point, what I would advise everyone to do is a harsh prune on their roses," suggests Helen Dammann from Dammann's Nursery on south Emerson Avenue.  "Go down until (you) actually see good plant material."  

Removing the dead or stressed material she says will make room for the healthy plant to flourish.  If trees or shrubs haven't rejuvenated or are brown, she advises removing pruning the old, dead material as well.  Even ornamentals showing no signs of life may still be saved.

"You can actually take your finger, go down on the bark, if it's green it's still alive..still doing well," says Dammann.

The warm temperatures this week combined with rain make this the perfect time to tend to landscaping, advises Dammann.