Heidi Hale: The lady behind the bling

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Andrea Morehead/Eyewitness News 

Celebrities use the phrase "bling bling," which is star talk for great looking jewelry. In our Eyewitness News story of "Women You Should Know," Andrea Morehead introduces you to an Indiana woman who is a rising star in gems.

The name Heidi J. Hale has made quite an impact in the world of high-profile jewelry.

After just four years her designs are standouts among the stars. Hilary Duff and Eva Longoria are just a few who have donned her fashionable gems and earrings.

Muncie is where Hale manages her ever-growing company. The "Simple, Yet Elegant" creations all started with a gift of an ankle bracelet from her mother. She then made things for family and friends but that hobby soon became a full-time passion for Hale in 2002.

"When I saw it, I told her, 'I can make these,'" said Hale. And so she began her career. Without any formal training, instead she went on instinct. After selling items to her friends and family she turned to E-Bay. "The first one listed, it sold" she said. "And I had 10 emails asking me if I had more."

Hale sold over 3,000 items, and with that kind of feedback she realized this is what she was meant to do. The demand for her jewelry has soared with 25 wholesale clients across the country.

To create the unique handmade pieces Hale travels around the world looking for stones with a story. Hale's mother Jackie is very supportive and proud of her daughter's success. "Somebody said, 'Is that a Heidi J Hale necklace?' And (I) said, 'Oh, yes it is.' And someone else said, 'And that's my neighbor.' And I said, 'And that's my daughter.' And I just pumped up my step a little higher," said Jackie Hale.

One of the biggest steps and thrills for Hale in this business venture was her first mention in a global fashion magazine. "(I) tore it open, and I screamed," she said. The pictures show "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria wearing a Hale necklace.

Some of her pieces have been given away at the Palm Springs Film Festival. That is what caught the eye of the Indianapolis 500. This year's racing celebrities (Rachel Ray, Pace Car Driver Lance Armstrong, Angie Everhart, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ludacris, Florence Henderson, Ashley Judd and the Winner of the Indy 500) will find a Heidi J Hale creation in their gift bags.

Hale says her resilient spirit to succeed in the jewelry business is a family affair, made in Muncie with a universal appeal. "If you have that passion, I believe you can take it as far as you want. I mean, it's proof right here," she said.

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