Heavy rain leads to flooding in Broad Ripple

Guilford and Westfield
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Tuesday's heavy rain led to flooding in Broad Ripple and a possible sewage line break.

Brandi Johnson is used to a steady flow of customers come through her door at Lucky B Boutique in Broad Ripple. She's not used to the kind of flow though that came through her door Tuesday afternoon.

"I looked up from my computer and there was about three feet worth of water coming through the door and it was just, like, pouring in," Johnson said.

The water made its way to the back of Johnson's Westfield Boulevard store.

"All the merchandise is fine, so that was lucky. Luckily, everything was up off the ground," she said.

Down the street at Shop Tibet, the owner there was not so lucky.

"Little bit of damage, not too much," said Tinzin Namgyal of some of his merchandise.

When business owners looked outside what they saw was water shooting up out of manholes and flooding streets.

"I've never seen anything like that in Broad Ripple. It was absolutely crazy," said Rachael Phipps with Ambrosia Restaurant.

"I didn't expect it at all. But it happened so quickly. Everything. In five minutes, it started flooding," added Namgyal.

A few blocks away at Cornell Avenue and Coil, water shot up shoulder-high from another manhole in the street.

Police and DPW roped off five different flooded areas of Broad Ripple, while merchants used buckets and brooms to bale and sweep out the water. After about an hour, the flooding started to recede on its own, but none of the business owners were even sure what caused the flooding in the first place. Instead, they just kept working to deal with the aftermath. 

Tuesday night, DPW said crews discovered two flood gates closed in the 6500 block of Westfield Boulevard. DPW said it was not sure if those closed gates were the main cause of the flooding.

Investigators said the gates should have been open and were looking into how they became closed. Crews will continue their investigation Wednesday.

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Pictures from the scene show several inches of water covering the street at Westfield and Guilford and also at Westfield and Winthrop.

At Westfield and Winthrop, an underground pipe appears to have burst.

At Westfield and Guilford, the water was up to the doors of some businesses. People were seen walking through the water, which is about 12 inches deep. A business in the area reported the flooding as high as two to three feet in some spots.

Another geyser was reported at 64th and Cornell.

The Department of Public Works says Broad Ripple residents may pick up sand bags at 1725 S. West Street.