HealthBeat: The 'thigh gap' goal

HealthBeat: The 'thigh gap' goal
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Target apologized this week for altering images of young girls to increase the space between their thighs. That same "thigh gap goal" is actually driving business for some doctors.

The thigh gap is a clear space or gap that can be seen between the thighs when a girl is standing with her knees together. Some runway models have it, and now doctors are reporting an increasing demand in women paying to get it with liposuction between their upper thighs.

"We go up from the knee to the groin area, we eliminate the fat, said Dr. Aaron Rollins, a liposuction specialist. "There's no rubbing or chaffing and we can create some space there."

First, the doctor marks fat on the patient's body. Once in the operating room, the procedure starts by numbing the skin using a device that's two inches around, leaving a dot that resembles a zit more than a surgery scar. Finally, the doctor melts the fat away with a laser.

The entire procedure takes less than an hour and costs $9,000.

Several things to note here: there are complications with the procedure, including bruising, scaring and uneven or lumpy results. "Coolsculpting" can also be used as an alternative - it is cheaper and less invasive.

The concern about this, of course, is that some women would go to desperate measures to try and achieve the thin look either by paying for it or working out excessively, and many women are simply not built that way.