Health Care changes in the New Year


2014 means some changes when it comes to health care in Indiana.

Under the Affordable Care Act those who continue to remain uninsured will pay a penalty.

Changes that start this year includes a $95 fine or 1% of your family income, whichever is greater, if you don't have insurance next year.

Data from 2010 shows that there are nearly 875-thousand Hoosiers without health insurance.

Many have been shopping for health insurance after the market place opened up late last year.

However the website was plagued with problems, not to mention the challenges of finding a new policy.

That's where Health Care Navigators come into place.

In Indiana, that includes a group called ASPIN with offices across the state.

They report an increase in interest in the final weeks of 2013.

And they expect to see that grow.

Many hospitals and Ivy Tech campuses offer health care navigator assistance as well.

The White House says it has extra staffers on hand to help with those plans too.