Heads Up program aims to teach coaches, kids football safety

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The lawsuits filed by former NFL players have changed the way we look at hits in all sports.

Coaches and parents worry about potential concussions with their young football players all the time, but a local group is doing something to improve the safety of the game.

USA Football is working with 2,800 football programs around the country to teach kids the proper way to tackle.

It starts with training the coaches.

"A really critical piece of it is coaching certification. To be part of Heads of Football, every single coach has to be certified, and we add what we call a player safety coach, which is someone who's there to monitor and assess and validate that these coaches are actually following through on the Heads of Football steps," said Scott Hallenbeck, USA Football executive director.

Hallenbeck said another critical part of the program is that parents are involved every step of the way.

It's called the Heads Up program. Learn more here.