Hazardous road conditions on I-65 in White County

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Drivers should be aware of potentially hazardous conditions on I-65; specifically in White County from the 185 mile marker to the 200 mile marker. I-65 throughout this area is experiencing numerous slide-offs, spin outs, jack knifes and crashes.

Semi's and four wheel drive vehicles are not exempt from these crashes; just because you have a large/heavy vehicle or four wheel drive capability does not keep you from being involved in the above events.

Throughout the early morning hours new snow has fallen, add wind and sub zero temperatures this has made icing/black ice on a large portion of the roadways, bridges, and ramps.

INDOT crews have been spreading salt, abrasives etc. throughout this time; but with these conditions this has become extremely challenging to keep up with this weather event.

Motorists/Semi drivers are asked to PLEASE rethink your trip, staying off the interstate entirely is the safest option. Use alternate routes.

If you MUST drive today ADJUST your speed for conditions!! Slow down, give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and be diligent to conditions of the roads. EXPECT LONG DELAYS.

Remember to move over and slow down when you see emergency lights and give INDOT plow trucks room to work.

For up-to-date road and weather information, citizens are encouraged to tune to local television and/or radio stations. Another source of information is the National Weather Service; this link http://www.crh.noaa.gov/ind/ will take visitors directly to the current Indiana weather information. Citizens may also contact the Indiana Department of Transportation Road and Weather line at (800) 261-7623 or visit the Indiana Department of Transportation website at www.trafficwise.in.gov.