Hawaiians prepare for two possible hurricanes

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People in Hawaii are preparing for the two storms that could strike the Islands as hurricanes. This is unusual and weather experts say it's due to a cooling of Pacific waters due to the coming El Nino. The last time a hurricane hit Hawaii was 1992.

Hawaiians are lining up at gas stations and flooding grocery stores.

"The number one thing they are buying is bottled water, batteries, and some people are buying flashlights,” said a local store manager.

Back to back hurricanes are barreling toward the islands. The first hurricane is projected to make landfall late Thursday and the second sometime Sunday.

"It sounds kind of serious, yeah, so that's why I was here to try to get some more stuff," said a male shopper, preparing for the storm.

Some stores, however, have been running out of the essentials.

"If you haven't made it out, I would get here soon as possible because things are running pretty bare," said a second shopper, in the store.

It's rare enough to have two storms so close together, but especially rare for Hawaii. Hawaii hasn't had a hurricane make landfall since 1992 and has had only 8 named storms since the 1950's.

Forecasters are hoping these two won't be bad.

"We're banking on the national weather service forecast that it will not be a hurricane when it hits us," said Peter Hirai, a member of the Department of Emergency Management.

That's the prediction for hurricane Iselle and the hope for hurricane Julio right behind it.