Harbaughs' fashion debate focus of new Dockers ad

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"Captain Comeback" is again the target of fashion advice from his wife, this time in a national ad campaign.

Sarah Harbaugh, wife of 49ers head coach and former Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh, gives a impassioned plea to her husband and other fathers in a video posted to YouTube by Dockers Wednesday.

"I'd like to talk to you about a serious condition affecting countless men in our country," she says. "I'm talking, of course, about 'dad pants'."

Sarah Harbaugh continues to wonder aloud how her "handsome, vibrant, successful" husband had "suddenly looked like he'd hung the curtains from his belt."

It's not the first time she's questioned her husband's fashion sense. In January, she called in to a radio station to insist she deserved no blame for Jim's habit of tucking his fleece into pleated khakis.

"The Levi's and the Nike and the Dickie makes a flat khaki. So, happy wife, happy life. As far as tucking in the shirt though, if I’m the last person that tucks in their shirt, that’d be great. I'd be an innovator," the coach responded during a national media session.

By the end of the minute-long Dockers commercial, the Harbaughs' daughter doesn't recognize her father in his new pants as he grins awkwardly over a grill, complete with skewered hot dog.

The ad is part of a new campaign - just in time for Father's Day - to "#StopDadPants."