Hansbroughs hosting event to support brain cancer research

Tyler (center) and Ben (right) Hansbrough with their oldest brother, Greg.
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Pacers Tyler and Ben Hansbrough are hosting an event to raise awareness about a cause that is very close to their family.

Anyone who has a sibling knows it's complicated. Tyler is the middle of the three Hansbrough boys.

"You would be surprised we are brothers, if you knew us," he said. "We are all different in personalities."

Tyler says he is more reserved and younger brother Ben is less so. They are now roommates and Indiana Pacers teammates.

At times the relationship is part of the narrative of the game. In December, the announcers were quick to talk about brotherly love after Tyler responded angrily shortly after Ben got elbowed during a game in Cleveland.

But a jump ball exchange at practice earlier this week shows they will take on challenges aggressively and even fight. It's a trait Ben says they've honed after watching their brother battle brain cancer.

"I think that is one of the reasons that me and Tyler play so hard. We are competitive and I think anybody would see how we play, Greg is the same way. He set the tone for that," he said.

The brothers were very young when their oldest brother, Greg, was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 7.

"His battle was very tough. We almost lost him twice. Once in the middle of the night he had a stroke and we saved him because we heard him shaking. It was 3 a.m., we got lucky. Tyler had to go use the restroom and heard him, luckily," Ben said.

"Greg was lucky, because my dad is also a doctor and he knew people in the medical community to call and sometimes when people get diagnosed, they don't have a family member like that to have connections and make phone calls like that," Tyler said.

"Greg has always been a survivor. The doctor said he wasn't going to live past 18, he's now 29, so you know he's always been a fighter and a warrior," Ben said.

The brothers are now helping raise money for Voices Against Brain Cancer to fund research, educate doctors and support patients.

"I can give attention that a lot of people couldn't and so this is the cause that especially stood out to me, because it's personal and I didn't want to pick a cause that just, you know, something that I kind of cared about. This is something that I fully care about and have a lot of interest in and want to make a difference," Tyler said.

The "Hoops with the Hansbroughs" event starts at 6 p.m. Thursday at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. It includes access to the brothers and some of their teammates and some unique auction items and experiences donated by players will be available for bids.

All proceeds from the event benefit Voices Against Brain Cancer.

Hoops with the Hansbroughs