Hamilton County police watching bikes for traffic violations

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Sheriff's deputies are looking for people running stop signs, speeding, even going too slow. But the people they are looking for are not behind the wheel of a car, but handlebars.

In Hamilton County, blowing through a stop sign on your bike can set you back $150 and state law allows for fines of up to $500. In central Indiana, there is a battle for roadway supremacy waged every afternoon on almost any smooth and open road.

Officiating the daily battle in Hamilton County is Deputies Joe Faucett and Scott Goff.

"Instead of riding two abreast, they'll ride in these big packs of bikers - five or six - so they can talk and socially it is great, but for safety it is not," said Goff.

Both the rider and the driver have equal footing, but are often at odds. Goff says both complain about each other on a regular basis.

The two deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff Department are on bike and on the street most every day. The bike is a police vehicle, complete with lights and sirens and they write tickets like any other deputy.

But more importantly, they are teaching adult bike riders the rules they should have learned when they were kids.

Tuesday afternoon in a small hamlet north of Noblesville, they came across a young boy riding his bike without a care in the world, until he ran the stop sign. Yes, they could have written a ticket, but they hope a kind-hearted talk will go further. Because eventually, he will take the wheel of a car and the lessons today could pay dividends down the road.

The real bicycle traffic law offenders are not kids, police say, the adults are the worst.