Hamilton County fugitive charged in Alabama kidnapping

Aaron Massey

One of Hamilton County's most wanted fugitives has been captured in Alabama.

Aaron Massey was arrested at a hotel near Mobile, Alabama. Massey is wanted locally for violating terms of his prison release on a burglary conviction and holding a woman captive.

Loxley Police told television station WKRG the woman and the child have been missing since September 2012. Officials say the suspect is 38-year-old Massey of Noblesville. He is charged as a fugitive from justice in Baldwin County.

Police say the woman and child have been missing since September 2012. Police received a tip Wednesday night that the suspect was staying at a hotel in Loxley. He was arrested Wednesday night at the hotel.

Pending charges from Indiana include rape, kidnapping, and unlawful imprisonment.

Police say both the mother and child were not injured.

Police were tipped off when the woman posted messages on social media asking for help. She said she and her young child were being held against their will. On Thursday morning, police went to the hotel and helped the woman and her child get out safely. Massey was taken into custody.

In August 2006, Massey was charged with rape, criminal deviate conduct, criminal confinement while armed, sexual battery, and burglary. He was accused of holding a Hamilton County woman hostage just five days after being reported as a suspect in a sexual abuse case.

According to police, Massey had been waiting in the victim's home and when she attempted to call 911, he took the phone from her and told the dispatcher the victim was not free to leave. He also warned he was armed and that he had set explosives around the residence. With the assistance of the Indiana State Police Emergency Response Team, Massey was taken into custody without incident after being coaxed from the home.

Massey was found guilty and sentenced to serve time in the Indiana Department of Corrections. After being released from prison, Massey was ordered to serve additional time on probation with the Hamilton County Community Correction Work Release program. In May 2012, he failed to return to the Community Corrections facility after his work day and a warrant for Failure to Return to Lawful Detention was issued for his arrest.

He is currently being held in Alabama before being transferred back to Hamilton County.