Hail, high winds cause damage across Indiana

High winds uprooted a tree in Lebanon.
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Hail and high winds caused damage in Boone County Wednesday afternoon.

"Sounded like someone was on the roof, up there pounding with sledgehammers," said one Lebanon resident.

A tree east of the courthouse was pulled up by the roots and dropped onto the street near Park and Washington.

"The first thing I noticed was all the hail on the windows. It sounded like it was going to knock the windows in and then I heard a cracking noise and then just a big bang," said a neighbor.

The tree slammed into another, which crashed into Jim Kernodle's house. He's still trying to assess the damage.

"We don't know yet," he said. "I'm upset, but by the same token, no one got hurt. I've got all kinds of grandkids and great grandkids."

Heavy hail also swept through Boone County at least three times Wednesday. At the country market on US 421 north of Zionsville, motorcycle riders took cover in the garden center until the hail cleared.

"The lady who let us park under the awning was a godsend," said one motorcyclist.

After the storm, the shop's owner was going to "try to get the water out and get the flowers back out."

"It's crazy. The trees were bending over. It rained real hard, the hail was coming in from every direction," said Rob Stewart, who lives east of Lebanon.

The hail made a mess of Stewart's vinyl siding. It even cracked the window and damaged his cars.

"Got tons of hail damage all over the house," he said. "It's pretty much the whole front of the house."

In Zionsville, people were checking their cars for dings.

"It's a big worry, your roof, your car," said one driver, who found no damage.

"Mother Nature. Can't do anything about that," said Randy Willis.

Willis' SUV also escaped the damage.

On the south side of Indianapolis, torrential rain brought street flooding and made some race fans race for cover from the hail - in a car wash.

"We had to go somewhere," the driver said.

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