Gunmen terrorize east side family on Christmas Eve


An Indianapolis family had their Christmas stolen at gunpoint by two men.

Two gunmen terrorized an east side woman and her daughters on Christmas Eve as they prepared to celebrate the holiday. It happened at an apartment complex on E. Washington St.

The woman was concerned about revealing her identity after her family's ordeal. We will call her Elizabeth for this story, but that's not her real name.

When Elizabeth and her twin daughters arrived at their apartment just after 11:00 pm Christmas Eve, two men stopped them outside.

"Two guys pulled out guns on us and told us if we didn't do what they say, they were going to kill us," said Elizabeth.

She said they first thought it was all a joke. But the situation quickly escalated.

"They made us get on the ground outside. They wanted a thousand dollars. I told them I don't have any money. I lost my job six months ago. We have nothing," she said.

Elizabeth says the men ushered them inside at gunpoint where their attackers continued making threats.

"They shoved a gun to my daughter's head and said if you don't give us what, we want we will kill you," he said.

The suspects stole the family's belongings, including their Wii game console. The victims also learned about a failed transaction with one of their stolen credit cards at the Sherman and 34th Street Citgo Gas station.

Elizabeth says while inside, still holding her family at gunpoint, one of the robbers made a telephone call to someone outside, telling them to bring around the getaway car.

"I heard the guy say, 'Pull around the van, and if they move, kill them, murder them is what he said," she recalled.

But by the end of their horrifying experience, the mother and daughters say their attackers had a change of heart.

"He said because of Christmas is why we are not going to kill you," Elizabeth told us.

Call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS with information relevant to this case.