Gunmen confront woman, friend in Kokomo park

A woman and her friend were confronted in Foster Park in Kokomo.

Police have issued an alert after a college student home for Thanksgiving was face-to-face with a gunman in Kokomo.

The 19-year-old female victim was in a car with a friend at Foster Park around 10:15 p.m. Saturday.

"They tapped on the glass with a gun and said, 'Roll the window down'," the victim said.

The woman's father told Eyewitness News at first, she thought it was a joke.

"I actually said, in a whisper, 'Is this really happening?'" the woman said.

The victim, who doesn't want her name released, also told her father the gunman's "hand was shaking bad, like he was nervous as we were."

Two robbers approached the car while the park was still open.

"He points the gun at us and says, 'Give us all your money'," the woman said. "It took everything I had in me not to turn on the car and just leave. I didn't want to do anything heroic, just wanted to get out of the situation."

The two friends handed over cash and cell phones to the two hooded, masked men, then noticed the gunman just lingered by the window.

"That's what scared me," said the victim's father.

The robbers seemed to want something more and that's what still sticks with the female victim.

"Whenever he lingered there is what really scared me so much," she said.

That's when the other robber hanging out behind the car finally said "don't do anything else. We've got what we need. Let's go. Don't do anything else," the woman's father said. "That's when the fear kicked in with her. Because he wasn't leaving."

Finally, the two robbers did leave. Right after they ran away, the woman and her friend drove toward the police station, three blocks away.

"I saw the two guys running across the street and I swerved to hit them. Missed them, thankfully for them," the woman said.

Some in the park were not surprised to hear of the armed robbery.

"At the park, I had someone try to push me in a car," said a woman named Michelle, who was walking in the park Tuesday. "That was 7:45 in the morning."

Now, she always carries mace, walks with her dog and stays on her cell phone.

"At first I was terrified, then I was so thankful that they weren't hurt in any way," said the father of Saturday's victim.

"It's just scary when I've lived here my entire life and never had anything like that to worry about," said the victim.

Her father warns other parents, "Be careful around the holidays, because there's people without jobs, there's kids (that) don't have any money and they'll steal it to get it."