Gun-waving YouTube video sparks concern among community

A video posted to YouTube showed Indianapolis teens waving guns in a crowd.

There are major concerns about a video recorded in Indianapolis showing young people waving guns in a crowd.

The gun-waving video was recorded in January in a northwest Indianapolis neighborhood. It shocked Roshawn Modisette, because it took place right outside her home.

"They could get angry with one another and start shooting one another. Things happen, so it bothers me a lot," said Modisette.

Eyewitness News shared the video with Rev. Charles Harrison with the Ten Point Coalition.

"Look at all those guns. That's an assault weapon," said Harrison.

Watch the video here (Warning: Explicit Content)

Harrison is working with police to help make April a violence-free month in our city. Harrison says the video doesn't help. Throughout the clip, more and more people display their handguns and one person waves an assault rifle while standing on a car.

Harrison suspects it is all a gang message.

"We are ready for you and packing, too, and that's why they do that. It's a message to other cliques and gangs in the city," he said.

IMPD Community Affairs Commander Randy Taylor says the video isn't just acting out, it may be illegal.

"I noticed someone pointing a weapon, it appears at the camera. That would be a violation," Taylor said.

Police say one of their biggest concerns with the video shot on Scenic Court is the potential for the scene to become dangerous, with so many guns being waved around and they say parents should have the same concern.

"Very easy for a round to be fired off and someone be shot, hurt, killed," Taylor said.

As police work to stop 2013's violent crime involving young people, they say videos like the one posted to YouTube doesn't help.

Another homeowner who knows some of the people in the video told Eyewitness News some of them do have gun permits, but still doesn't like the video itself.

No word yet if police will get prosecutors involved to determine if anyone in the video should be charged with a crime.