Gun thieves targeted by police search

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Police have video of a pair of thieves who robbed a Clermont gun store of more than two dozen firearms.

While the men remain on the loose, police fear the stolen weapons are getting into the hands of dangerous criminals.

Two men broke into C&C Midwest Firearms on Crawfordsville Road just before 3 a.m. Saturday. The guns they stole range in price from $500-$1,000, with a total estimated value of $13,000.

"That's them," said IMPD Ofc. Christopher Wilburn, showing the surveillance video. "They immediately start smashing and start grabbing as many firearms as are immediately in sight."

"It's disappointing it comes to this all the time," said Rick Chambers, a customer who found the store closed Tuesday, with heavy duty security gates and high-strength locks and chains in place. "I don't have anything against the guns themselves."

Chambers and others are concerned because of the arsenal of weapons the men got away with. Thirty-one guns in all, two of them "long guns."

"They're beginning to throw guns into satchels set aside," Wilburn said, again narrating the security video. "He's running out. He'll come back inside the store."

There are some clear shots of one of the suspects. Police hope someone will recognize the man.

The store's owner thinks the thieves were in the store before the crime, scoping things out. As he watches the video, they know what they're looking for and where it was, bypassing other items and moving fast.

"Those guys are in and out of the store within a couple minutes," said Wilburn.

The owner also thinks there was a third person, maybe a fourth, in the getaway car. The store had alarms. Police may have missed the speedy burglars by moments.

"These weapons are unforgiving," said Wilburn. "You don't know exactly where they'll end up."

Neighbor Coot Patterson agrees.

"It's scary, 'cause you don't know where the guns are going to go, whose hands they're getting into," Patterson said.

If you have information about the robbery or the suspects, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.