Gun store owner baffled by shooter's motive

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The owner of a west side gun store says he still has no idea why a customer opened fire on a clerk Tuesday afternoon.

"Why start a gunfight in a gun shop? It's got to be mental. I mean, my God, everyone's got a gun in here," said Don Davis, owner of Don's Guns.

Twenty-six-year-old Brian Wayner was killed and clerk Ben Chance was wounded in the gunfight.

Davis said Wayner rented a shotgun, then a handgun, spending more than an hour in the shooting range.

"I just have no idea what happened," Davis said. "He seemed like a nice, polite, well-dressed person."

Davis said after Wayner came out of the shooting range he put the gun down on the counter, telling the clerk he was ready to pay.  When the clerk approached, Davis said Wayner picked up the gun, stepped back about three feet and opened fire.

An X on the floor marks the spot where Wayner began shooting, hitting Chance once in the chest. Two other bullets lodged in the wall.

Davis said the bullet "went right through Ben, but grabbed his gun and killed him.'

He said Chance was recovering at Methodist Hospital, "doing very well" and was expected to be released as early as Friday.

The whole thing was caught by surveillance cameras. While the coroner has ruled the death justifiable homicide. It's up to the prosecutor to decide whether charges should be filed.

Davis said, "We got it on tape. He's not going to do anything."

According to police, Wayner had no criminal history. A former IUPUI student, he lived with his parents in a quiet, west side neighborhood.

Neighbors say he seemed friendly but they seldom saw him.

Davis said while he feels bad for the family, his clerk had no choice.

"The minute you pull a gun first, you're history," he said. "If you come here looking for trouble, you're going to find it."