Gun found in suspect vehicle may be IMPD weapon

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Metro Police arrested two people overnight after a chase along Interstate 70 near downtown Indianapolis, and now detectives are investigating the possibility that a gun recovered from the suspect vehicle is an IMPD weapon.

Officers say the chase started around 1:00 a.m. along I-70, when the suspect's car turned off onto the Ohio Street Exit and then, started heading east along New York Street.  They eventually made their way over to Vermont Street - that's when the driver of the car and his passenger ditched their vehicle and tried to get away on foot. 

IMPD quickly captured the driver, but the passenger actually tried to get into another car that had been following behind during the chase.  Officers eventually arrested the passenger from the first vehicle.  They also found a gun inside the car, as well as a large bag of marijuana.
No word yet from IMPD on what started the overnight chase.