Gun control debate hits home for many in Indiana

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The debate over gun control legislation has been polarizing at best, there are several layers on both sides of the issue and regardless of where you stand, a solution will take time. 

Until recently most of these people would never dream of walking onto the Statehouse lawn along Washington Street with a rifle.  Gun Appreciation Day was started as a national movement in opposition to gun control legislation in Congress. 

This week the President signed almost 2 dozen executive orders aimed at gun control. Congresswoman Dianne Feinstein has introduced the most sweeping gun control legislation since the assault weapons ban of 1994.  

John Kidd of Fishers said he was at the rally for a number of reasons number one being, "The government at this moment, the general climate is very anti-firearm they blame the guns they blame semi-automatic rifles or handguns or shotguns for the actions of people." 

Gun control advocates say mass shootings, like Sandy Hook Elementary and Colorado would not have been possible without high capacity magazines and semi-automatic rifles.  The solution according to David Allen a Second Amendment supporter is to not jump to conclusions, "Something like this requires a real balanced discussion it needs some honest facts and figures it needs to slow down this hair on fire rush for legislation based on emotion and heat. Nothing good can come from that."  

It has been just the talk of gun control legislation that has driven firearm sales through the roof for months. This weekend is the 30th anniversary of the Indy 1500 gun and knife show at the Indiana state fairgrounds and has also been a weekend of records crowds. 

Gun Appreciation Day organizers also asked gun owners to visit their local range today. The range at Beech Grove Firearms has been running almost at capacity from open to close for weeks, according to the owner Greg Burge, "There is a large support for not only the second amendment but for the firearms industry as well and I think that is being very well represented by this National Gun Appreciation day." 

The proposed gun control legislation has already taken some firearms out of the hands of many buyers, "It used to be that if you came in and wanted gun "X" there was a real strong chance I could get it in two business days but I don't know when we will see those time return,'' said Burge.   

Several gun manufactures have several months of back orders and there is no sign of the demand letting up. And demand for an Indiana Carry license is also up, the wait for a license to carry a hand gun in Indiana is 4 to 17 weeks.