Guardsman with Indiana ties killed in Iraq

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Alex Sanz/Eyewitness News

Warsaw, Ind., March 25 - A Northern Indiana soldier is the latest casualty in the war on terror.

Thirty-year-old Staff Sergeant Brock Beery was on his third tour of duty in Iraq when his armored vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device near Al Habbaniyah, west of Fallujah.

"I'm very proud of him. We miss him a whole lot," said his mother, P

The last time Roger and Pam Beery of Warsaw saw their son was in November. He'd come home from Iraq for his grandfather's funeral.

"He said he had a bad feeling. He said he didn't know if he was going to come back or not,"

It was that feeling that the Beerys felt Thursday night when a stranger's car pulled up in their driveway.

Pam said, "They were from the U.S. military from Fort Wayne. And they had come to talk to me and my husband. And I more or less cracked outside. I said no. No. No. And he put his arms around me and held me. And Roger came outside and they told Ro

Staff Sergeant Brock Beery with the Army National Guard's Second Battalion died near Baghdad.

"Since he's a sergeant he's the lead vehicle. And so the lead vehicle goes first. And the landmine went off in front of the first tank he was riding in," sa

Their son they say died from his injuries near the tank he was riding.

"He was over there for about nine months. He was supposed to get out sometime in May. He had a little girl that loved him with all her heart and he was a very good provider,"

"When something like this happens there is nothing you can do about it," s

Except they say to hold dear to your heart the good times.

Brock Beery has a seven-year-old daughter who lives in Tennessee with his wife.

Roger Beery says his son's funeral will take place in Tennessee next week.