Gregg's "workhorse" campaign rolls on

John Gregg spoke Wednesday to voters in Decatur.
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Democratic candidate for governor John Gregg says an internal poll shows he has narrowed Republican Mike Pence's lead in the governor's race.

Gregg's campaign bus is on a roll. Wednesday, he held a meet and greet in Decatur with lieutenant governor candidate Vi Simpson and Joe Donnelly, who is running for Indiana's seat in the U.S. Senate.

"We are doing 72 cities and towns in eight days. We call us the 'workhorse tour' and I am proud to tell you that we are workhorses. I am proud to tell you we are going to win this race. We are closing. We are in the margin of error," Gregg told the crowd at the West End Restaurant.

When Gregg speaks, he refers to "Pence-Mourdock," telling Eyewitness News his opponent for governor and Senate candidate Richard Mourdock "are on the same ticket."

"John Gregg is not running against Richard Mourdock for Senate. He is running against Mike Pence. While John Gregg can't tell the difference, I think most Hoosiers can," said Republican analyst Peter Rusthoven.

The strategy less than one week out?

"There are 12 counties in the state, where 50 percent vote is cast. I would imagine he will spend a large part of his time in those counties," said Democratic analyst Robin Winston.

Those 12 counties include Marion, Lake, St. Joseph, Vigo, Wayne, Clark, Floyd and Tippecanoe.

After Decatur, Gregg's bus rolled to Bluffton's Snugs Café.

"I am the only candidate running for governor with experience in business, education and state government," Gregg said.

Donnelly has a different scenario in the final days. One recent poll has him up by one point over Mourdock.

"Our internals have an even bigger lead. We are really pleased with that and will work non-stop," he said.

Politico is citing another poll that has Donnelly ahead of Mourdock by as much as nine points. In the final days, he will court voters to the north and central.

"Going after moderate voters in and around Marion and outer counties and in the northern part of the state where, fortunately for him, he represents them," Winston said.

"It is much closer than you would want a Republican senatorial race to be at this stage of the race," Rusthoven said. "It's up in the air how independents and undecided Republicans will decide this race."

That is what is fueling the workhorse tour bus in these final days.

Eyewitness News is working with the Pence campaign to provide similar access to their camp in the closing days of the campaign. But as for Gregg's claims of being down just three points in the poll, Indiana Republican Chairman Eric Holcomb says, "Don't be fooled on Halloween night."