Gregg hits Pence for wavering on Mourdock comment

Democrat John Gregg

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg is wasting no time in trying to tie Republican Mike Pence to Richard Mourdock's comments that pregnancy resulting from rape is something that "God intended."

Gregg opened Thursday night's final gubernatorial debate by accusing Pence of trying to be "politically expedient" by distancing himself from the remarks. He also says his Republican foe runs on a "Pence-Mourdock ticket."

Pence urged Senate nominee Mourdock to apologize for his remarks. But Gregg argues Pence and Mourdock share the same position on abortion and says Pence is wavering on the issue.

Mourdock's comments in a Senate debate Tuesday has dominated the national political conversation since then and spurred some Republicans to distance themselves from him.

Pence, Gregg and Libertarian Rupert Boneham met for the debate in Fort Wayne.

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